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for businesses, solopreneurs, nonprofits, and government 



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Tired of searching for contractors on Gig Apps?

Do you want a more personable approach that meets all your media and tech business needs from a place you can trust?

REEM Media is your one-stop mediatech solution for working with high-caliber, reliable, efficient teams, from diverse backgrounds, with 25+ years of combined experience.

We care about your vision, goals, and time. 

Women of Color owned and operated. 



Upgrade Your Digital Game with Our Transformative Digital Approach to Attract Loyal Customers to Your Brand


Show up as Your Whole-Authentic-Best Self with Captivating Visuals, Copy, and Audio Content to

Stand Out in an Overly Saturated Digital World.


Build and Optimize your Website with a Focus on Accessibility, Design, User Interface, and Search Engine Optimization. 


Senior Copy Editor
Director of Operations
Brand Strategist & Creative Director
Event Photographer
Motion Graphics Artist
Front-End Web Developer
Social Media Strategist
Studio Photographer
Music Producer
Video Editor, Photo Journalist, and Fine Artist
Music Composer and Sound Engineer
Creative Marketing Director
Talent Coordinator


Founder & CEO 

Cristina Trujillo

Living and breathing the meaning of REEM, Cristina developed REEM Media from the ground up to meet the demand of diverse talent that prioritizes customer experience with aligned social values. 

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Tim Corbin

Part of the founding team, Tim was responsible for the initial creative arm of REEM Media and continues to advise on partnership developments and productions.

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Business Owner, Fern Solomon, Ethical Business, Family Business, Berkeley, Albany

Fern Solomon

Business Owner

Had a lively and productive experience working with the talented Darryl Barnes doing photo shoot with several participants modeling my Heart of the Moment crowns.  He certainly knows how to capture the moment. If you need a photographer with an artistic sensibility I highly recommend.

Mutual Housing

Thrilled to work with @reemmedia_org (owned and operated by women of color) and their diverse artists. It has been a treat working with the creative talents of @kirthimagic at

 @cinemagicalmedia and Ulises and Daniel at @blacktapecompany! Their collaborative production process and support navigating this project with #COVID safety precautions has been invaluable.

Vanita Lee-Tatum

Business Owner

Thank you for helping me elevate my brand. I value your leadership and expertise. 

It's been such a pleasure working with REEM team this year and I look forward to continued development in the year ahead!

 Patty Giacobbe &

Joyce Cruz 

It is a pleasure to be working with such a talented group! Jeff straw is a super star! Very grateful for the recommendation Guadalupe Olvera Montes Hirt ! We look forward to a long working relationship with REEM Media, LLC.

 Carolyne Njogu-Michael

I hired REEM right out of the gate after. meeting with Cristina and connecting over a coffee meeting. From our discussion she seem to understand my brand and work quite well and gave  me a few tips to consider for a photoshoot whether I hired her or not. The tips was what sold me. I am very happy with the final product - she delivered what many could articulate - my brand essence!