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Meet our visual and sound artists

Robert J Schultze

Nationally published photographer and filmmaker. Masterful in Editorial and Commercial mediums for photographic and video content curated for all media channels, including print and social media. Don't miss his mesmerizing Environmental Portraiture Online Gallery.


Estrella Bonilla

A worldwide grammatical gatekeeper for digital content writers, and Magazine Publishers. Commanding the English language and literature with deep cultural awareness from her visits to 28 countries across the globe,  Estrella is a sought-after Copy Editor and digital content creator.  Also providing services in Spanish. 


Darryl L Barnes

Washington D.C. native with social good blood running through his veins. Darryl now graces Oakland, C.A. with his captivating photography that activates empathy. Darryl has earned the trust and respect of Tent City survivors across the Bay Area. Don't miss his W.A.R online gallery. 

Ryan Ehresman

"There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres." This quote by Pythagoras perfectly describes Ryan's gifts to access both sides of his brain hemispheres. He left behind a a profitable career as a mathematician and computer programmer, to dedicate his life to his musical talents. His specialties include: Scoring, Sound Design and Editing, Audio Production and Engineering. 

Patricio Guillamon

Globally published visual artist. Patricio is an Argentina Native currently living in San Francisco. He has an incredible range of artistic skill. As a photojournalist he has not coward from high conflict environments to capture the stories on the ground. Don't miss his captivating Piquetero Tecnicolor Online Gallery where he explores photojournalism with ball point pen painting.   

Aisha Griffin 

An unstoppable mother-of artistically gifted daughters, who is working on establishing her own business to empower and connect women. Aisha's artistic range meets the needs of private and public clients. Sought-after painter and muralist.

Eric N Bishop

A narrative photographer and visual storyteller with roots in photo and video journalism for CBS and NBC. Sought-after for his editorial and commercial work due to his innate ability to capture the essence of life within all subjects. Eric is hungry for work that is aligned with his social values for a just and equitable world. Don't miss his stunning Online Gallery that captures the richness of all cultures. 

Derrick Shavers

Muralist &

Prop Designer 

From Miami to Oakland, Derrick (Rtystk) Shavers has graced cities and counties with public works within a collective of artists known as the Kiss My Black Arts Collective that unifies and empowers community artists.  

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