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From pre to post-production look no further than r.e.e.m to satisfy all of your visual and audio media needs.

Our award-winning Talent are ready to bring to life your creative projects, harnessing decades of personal and professional experience. 


 r.e.e .m's well-vetted Talent share one distinct trait - a passion for addressing the most critical issues impacting humanity and our world today. You can rest easy knowing that you hired quality Artists who care about your creative goals. 

Video & FiLM

Our globally published Talent bring decades of experience creating video and films that capture the imagination and ignite motivation for inspired action.


Our globally published photographers have experience in photojournalism,  advertising, and editorial. They also have been in the front lines capturing human dignity and empowerment through global inequities.   

AUDIO production & ENGIneering

Our Talent will cover all your audio needs. From Music Composition, Scoring,  and Podcasting -to- Sound Design, Editing, and Mixing.  

Fine artistS, muralistS & Illustrators

Our Award-Winning Talent will cover all your visuals needs; from storyboarding, public works to tailored place-based art to enhance brand identification and company culture under a unifying mission of inclusivity for the empowerment of employees.


Our Talent are versed in copy editing, story and script development for your multimedia productions. 

what to expect as a clienT


Quality Artists that merge their creative genius with their executive functioning to meet your project deadlines


Visual and Sound storytelling that will maximize your community outreach and engagement goals


Quality work from artists that viscerally understand your messaging media goals


Quality production management by a team of highly valued and sought -after professionals from the creative arts


Productions overseen by a Community Development 

Expert who viscerally understands yours and your clients needs



"Cristina and Tim are incredible and talented humans who truly care about the people they work with.  They have an artistic, socially conscious and detailed approach and I absolutely love working with them."
-Lia Rose, Musician & Activist / SF Bay Area

"Tim was incredibly responsive and accommodating to our video needs. The final product really captured the passion and life-changing experience of our interns sharing their stories on camera."
-Gisela Salgado, Intership Program Director / California Coalition for Rural Housing

"Cristina was absolutely wonderful to work with and we really appreciated having her donate her skills and services for our fundraiser. She was very timely with her responses, addressing any concerns that we had in a professional manner. The day of the event, she arrived on time and went above and beyond to capture the excitement of our guests beautifully."
-Atira Richards, 2018 Fellow at New Leaders Council - San Francisco

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