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Estrella Bonilla 

Senior Copy Editor

A worldwide grammatical gatekeeper for digital content writers, and Magazine Publishers. Commanding the English language and literature with deep cultural awareness from her visits to 28 countries across the globe,  Estrella is a sought-after Copy Editor and digital content creator.  Also providing services in Spanish. Best known as the Publisher for Rabbel Magazine.



Gardenia Zuniga


Gardenia started her journalistic career in the Central Valley, where she gained experience as a reporter and TV show host. She became a Bay Area resident when she moved here to attend the Academy of Art University and City College of San Francisco. She's since has worked for big Tech as a publicist, content writer, events and marketing manager. She freelances for News Up Now as their Spanish reporter and writes for special segments, including Sundance Film Festival. 



Christina Deniz

Social Media Coordinator

Known for her success in creating content that is compelling, creative, and consistent in fostering a relationship between a brand and the public. Christina has managed and coordinated a variety of social media platforms from hospitality & entertainment to managing & fostering a newsworthy Latinx community. Specializing in social media campaigns & strategies, data analytics reports & determining clients KPI’s and recommendations, and creating & producing content to better reach your brand and community voice. 



Mayra Torres

Talent Coordinator

A dedicated business professional with a strong passion for human resources. Mayra enjoys working in the human resources field due to her high interest in looking out for employees' needs and benefits. She is also a strong advocate for fair employment practices and is a big promoter of creating a diverse workforce. Mayra graduated from California State University, East Bay with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration concentration option in Human Resources Management. Mayra is currently in the process of obtaining her MBA from California State University, Stanislaus. 

Flor Marshall

Front-End Web Developer

Self taught developer. Based in the DMV area (Washington D.C, Maryland, Virginia). Flor has two B.A.s from the University of California, Berkeley, where she studied Linguistics and German language, as well as a Software Development Certificate from the Virginia Department of Labor, although her path to web development is non-traditional she has found a fulfilling career in building and bringing designs and ideas to life.

Jeff Straw

Brand Strategist &

Content Creator

Passionate about music, branding, photography, and videography. Jeff can help you create branded content for your business.


• Creative Services: Visual branding, photography, and video

• Consulting: Online music marketing

• Business: Networking and business development

• Performance: Professional saxophonist, guitarist, and DJ (all at once)

• Studio: Music production, remixing, audio mixing and composition


Aki Ehara

Music Producer

Aki Ehara has been actively involved in the Bay Area music scene for the past decade. Since co-founding his band, The Seshen he has become an in-demand producer working with many artists in the Bay Area and beyond. His music has been featured on NPR, BET, Oprah Winfrey Network, Netflix, SyFy, and more. 





Darryl L. Barnes


Washington D.C. native with social good blood running through his veins. Darryl now graces Oakland, C.A. with his captivating photography that activates empathy. Darryl has earned the trust and respect of Tent City survivors across the Bay Area. Don't miss his W.A.R online gallery. 


Ryan Ehresman

Composer &

Sound Engineer

"There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres." This quote by Pythagoras perfectly describes Ryan's gifts to access both sides of his brain hemispheres. He left behind a a profitable career as a mathematician and computer programmer, to dedicate his life to his musical talents. His specialties include: Scoring, Sound Design and Editing, Audio Production and Engineering. 

Copy of PatricioGuillamon.jpg

Patricio Guillamon

Photographer & Videographer

Globally published visual artist. Patricio is an Argentina native currently living in San Francisco. He has an incredible range of artistic skills. As a photojournalist, he has not coward from high conflict environments to capture the stories on the ground. Don't miss his captivating Piquetero Technicolor Online Gallery where he explores photojournalism with ballpoint pen painting.

Stefan Arosen

Marketing Consultant

Stefan has a Master's Degree in graphic design and a natural ability to market and promote the things he is passionate about. In previous positions, he has been responsible for the creation, launching, and promotion of many products. He enjoys evangelizing a brand via social media as much as he excels at speaking about the product at trade shows and conventions.

Robert J Schultze

Photographer &


Nationally published photographer and filmmaker. Masterful in Editorial and Commercial mediums for photographic and video content curated for all media channels, including print and social media. Don't miss his mesmerizing Environmental Portraiture Online Gallery.

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