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REEM MEDIA's well-vetted Talent share one distinct trait - a passion for addressing the most critical issues impacting humanity and our world today. You can rest easy knowing that you hired quality Artists who care about your creative goals


Cristina Trujillo


CEO & Executive Producer

Ecuadorian migrant raised in Los Angeles.

Cristina is the CEO of Full-Service Mediatech & Entertainment Agency REEM Media. Leading a diverse talent pool of high-caliber creatives in media and tech, driven to closing the gap of access to information and resources, to economic and racial equity, and to diverse cultural representation through video production and film-making
Cristina’s commitment to community and economic development, partnership building, and conscious communication can also be seen through her extensive film-making and video production work. Cristina produced and hosted two weekly live digital events across social media and local TV cable channels and has featured on ABC 7 News Bay Area during Hispanic Heritage Month. 
Cristina’s driving force to pivot her career as a Film Producer comes from her direct connection of her immigrant journey, her understanding of the need of representation of migrant BIPOC stories


Kathya White


Director of Operations

Kathya is a certified SCRUM Master with an extensive knowledge base of Agile methodology, fundamentals of software development, and Product Management. A proud servant-leader, skilled in coaching and managing cross-functional scrum teams, working backlogs, and removing impediments to enhance velocity and drive efficient product delivery. With a proven history of building productive stakeholder relationships to assess needs and requirements, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Visual Production Team

Adam Caar


Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.


Patricio Guillamon

Video Editor, Photo Journalist & Fine Artist

Globally published visual artist. Patricio is an Argentina native currently living in San Francisco. He has an incredible range of artistic skills. As a photojournalist, he has not coward from high-conflict environments to capture the stories on the ground. Don't miss his captivating Piquetero Technicolor Online Gallery where he explores photojournalism with ballpoint pen painting.


Robert  J. Schultze


Studio Photographer

Nationally published photographer and filmmaker.  Masterful in Editorial and Commercial mediums for photographic and video content curated for all media channels, including print and social media. Don't miss his mesmerizing Environmental Portraiture Online Gallery.  


Adán De La Cerda 


Mixed Media Graphic Artist

From Printing Press to Digital Design, Adán’s passion for art and creative thinking is the drive behind his work. Earning certifications in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop at the Fresno County based Center for Advanced Research and Technology, Adán has since expanded his abilities with tangible mediums. Commissioning his work over the past 8 years while in constant exploration of perspective, growth and understanding.


Adán is committed to exploring all avenues of the subject to produce an honest creative vision, believing a better awareness of ourselves unlocks the door for originality.


Jonathan De La Cerda


Videographer, Director & Cinematographer

Jonathan De La Cerda is a graduate of the Los Angeles Film School with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Film. Based in Fresno California, Jonathan is always looking for the next opportunity to help others through his work. He has worked in many different areas on a variety of projects, Jonathan always looking for exciting new opportunities that force him to think outside the box. He loves to use his creative mind in new ways and is constantly looking for new sources of inspiration to stay on top of what’s happening.


Darryl L. Barnes

Event Photographer

Washington D.C. native with social good blood running through his veins. Darryl now graces Oakland, C.A. with his captivating photography that activates empathy. Darryl has earned the trust and respect of Tent City survivors across the Bay Area. Don't miss his W.A.R online gallery.


Xavier Villaluz


Multimedia Artist

As a multimedia artist who mainly explores themes of dreaminess and emotional expression through mostly tangible mediums, Xavier has been commissioned to work with local artists and non-profits within the Bay Area, employing a range of skills such as photography and video editing so that the creative vision of the client is met to their needs/desires. His passion for art leads him to always practice and improve and has since started to expand into digital design.

Stefan Aronsen


Creative Marketing Director

Stefan has a Master's Degree in graphic design and a natural ability to market and promote the things he is passionate about. In previous positions, he has been responsible for the creation, launching, and promotion of many products. He enjoys evangelizing a brand via social media as much as he excels at speaking about the product at trade shows and conventions.

Audio Production

Jonathan De La Cerda


Videographer, Director & Cinematographer

Jonathan De La Cerda is a graduate of the Los Angeles Film School with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Film. Based in Fresno California, Jonathan is always looking for the next opportunity to help others through his work. He has worked in many different areas on a variety of projects, Jonathan always looking for exciting new opportunities that force him to think outside the box. He loves to use his creative mind in new ways and is constantly looking for new sources of inspiration to stay on top of what’s happening.


Sera De Lobos


Writer, Director, & Motion Graphics Artist

Sera (they/them), a 1st gen Guatemalan American storyteller, non binary queer, and latinx person of color, a Writer, Director, Motion Designer, Visual Effects Artist and Illustrator.   With over a decade of work in post production for film and TV. In 2009 they had the opportunity to work with Carol Ho, on her short film Not Here, followed by two documentaries Please listen to me (2010), and Stop all the clocks (2012). In 2013 they had the opportunity to work with Ava DuVernay on her sports documentary Venus vs which premiered at the LA film Festival. These filmmakers focus on the importance of creating an inclusive cinematic space, heavily influence the type of filmmaker Sera aspires to be. 



David Flores


Videographer, Director &

Director of Photography

David is an experienced bilingual digital video producer with over a decade of demonstrated work history.  He got his start in video when he became a Public Affairs Specialist with the Coast Guard in 2010, where he participated in a number of international news events culminating in being one of the primary video producers during the Hurricane Maria catastrophe in Puerto Rico.


Since his time in the CG David has been working in the broadcast world where he has been involved with the production of over 100 TV shows and most recently has been focusing on the challenges of livestreaming.  Most comfortable in the editing room or on interview and documentary sets David has also been involved with narrative film projects as well as music videos.  His main focuses are editing, DPing, multicamera switching and being a live stream technician.


Aki Ehara


Music Producer

Aki Ehara has been actively involved in the Bay Area music scene for the past decade. Since co-founding his band, The Seshen he has become an in-demand producer working with many artists in the Bay Area and beyond. His music has been featured on NPR, BET, Oprah Winfrey Network, Netflix, SyFy, and more. 


Ryan Ehresman

Music Composer & Sound Engineer

 "There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres." This quote by Pythagoras perfectly describes Ryan's gifts to access both sides of his brain hemispheres. He left behind a a profitable career as a mathematician and computer programmer, to dedicate his life to his musical talents. His specialties include: Scoring, Sound Design and Editing, Audio Production and Engineering. 


Gardenia Zuniga



Gardenia started her journalistic career in the Central Valley, where she gained experience as a reporter and TV show host. She became a Bay Area resident when she moved here to attend the Academy of Art University and City College of San Francisco. She's since has worked for big Tech as a publicist, content writer, events,  and marketing manager. She freelances for News Up Now as their Spanish reporter and writes for special segments, including Sundance Film Festival. 


Sarah Joy Chung


Content & Digital Marketing Strategist

Sarah Joy Chung is a queer, California-born and raised, 1st gen Korean-American creative specializing in content strategy, copywriting, and digital marketing. After 10+ years of working across various marketing and communications disciplines in agency, corporate, startup, and nonprofit settings, Sarah has found that her passion lies in partnering with justice- and equity-minded social impact brands that are rooted in community. In her personal life, Sarah is a beekeeper, community herbalist, avid home cook, and lover of the outdoors. 


Kelly Lavender



Kelly has been writing professionally for more than 20 years. After landing a spot on an editorial desk straight out of university, Kelly cut her teeth in local newspapers where her eye for detail and way with words won her awards.


A career in magazine journalism and PR quickly followed before Kelly went freelance in 2010. Ever since, she has been helping businesses tell their stories and raise their brand awareness through the power of words, producing sparkling content on a broad range of topics and across a variety of mediums, from website copy to press releases and from article writing to marketing material. 


Christina Deniz


Social Media Strategist

Known for her success in creating content that is compelling, creative, and consistent in fostering a relationship between a brand and the public. Christina has managed and coordinated a variety of social media platforms from hospitality & entertainment to managing & fostering a newsworthy Latinx community. Specializing in social media campaigns & strategies, data analytics reports & determining clients KPI’s and recommendations, and creating & producing content to better reach your brand and community voice. 


Estrella Bonilla


Senior Copy Editor

A worldwide grammatical gatekeeper for digital content writers, and Magazine Publishers. Commanding the English language and literature with deep cultural awareness from her visits to 28 countries across the globe,  Estrella is a sought-after Copy Editor and digital content creator.  Also providing services in Spanish. Best known as the Publisher for Rabbel Magazine.


Leena Duwadi


Creative Writer &

Social Media Influencer

Leena is a passionate storyteller and a value-based social media user. Her 10+ years of media life is spent working for radio, TV, newspaper, magazine, and digital. Starting off her career as a radio journalist in her home country Nepal in 2005, Leena paved her way to becoming an influential social media person as a news anchor, blogger, and social media marketer. Before moving to the US, Leena was editorial head of India's one of the popular digital media companies.


She strives to add value to people's lives through what she does. The story of her thriving career has been featured on Nepal and India's media platforms, including BBC Nepal. Leena has earned two Master's Degrees - in Demography and Spiritual Science. She's also a strong advocate for emotional and spiritual health.


Cecilia Ortiz


Content Creator & Marketer

Cecilia is a Bay Area native and 1st Generation Salvadorean Immigrant. Being a Creative and helping her community has always been an integral part of her being. Cecilia is knowledgeable on marketing strategies as well as creating content that resonates and builds community. She has grown her own community platform through organic reach and it's something she is proud and passionate about.

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