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As a MediaTech Agency, we manage a diverse talent pool and various projects for our valued clients. As business increases and our talent pool grows, we cannot go without calling on Kathya White (our favorite Scrum Master), who helps us navigate all the moving parts. Fans of HBO's Silicon Valley will likely think of Jared Dunn when they hear of SCRUM Masters, as he saved Richard Hendrick's behind time and time again.

We knew it was time to call Kathya when she shared the 8 Stances of a Scrum Master:

Woman in a therapy session.

We are Servant Leaders: Focused on the needs of the team.

We are Coaches: Coaching to focus on mindset and behavior.

We are Facilitators: Setting the stage, providing boundaries.

We are Teachers: Ensuring Scrum and other relevant methods are understood and enacted.

We are Mentors: Sharing Agile knowledge and experience to the team.

We are Managers: Managing impediments, eliminating waste.

We are Impediment Removers: Solving blocking issues, encouraging self-organizing capabilities.

We are Change Agents: To enable a culture in which Scrum Teams can flourish.

Execute with Ease

Kathya recommends three bulletproof suggestions for getting your work done with more ease and confidence.

1) A short measurable checklist = add to your list items that can be measured and capable of being tested or fail-proof.

2) Mirrors shippable = this is when your task is to the point that everyone approves it to be "shipped" or ready to go.

3) No further work = the glorious point when you know for sure that there is no additional work required for this task. Free of modifications or touch-ups. It is simply DONE! (angelical choir in the background)

She add's that defining something as "DONE" or completed does not apply only to Software or a Steak! We can apply it to every broken-down task we perform in our lives and our careers. Who doesn't love that feeling of accomplishment?


Agile Project Management

When Kathya works with our team, ALL ideas are important to her. She actively listens to ALL voices to identify patterns that are slowing down progress. To facilitate exposing team insight, she recommends the following questions:

What have we learned from our way of doing things?

What seems obvious as a root cause?

What is important here?

Kathya is a certified SCRUM Master with an extensive knowledge base of Agile methodology, fundamentals of software development, and Product Management. A proud servant-leader, skilled in coaching and managing cross-functional scrum teams, working backlogs, and removing impediments to enhance velocity and drive efficient product delivery. With a proven history of building productive stakeholder relationships to assess needs and requirements, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Connect with Kathya today, and learn more

For your viewing pleasure, here's Jared in SCRUM Mastery action, "SCRUM according to Silicon Valley

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