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During the summer, we had the great fortune of being found by Leena Duwadi via a quick google search using the keywords, "media company near me." With a journalistic background in radio and TV, Leena became a household name in India and Nepal. Leena was a regular news anchor for two television broadcasting channels before moving to the United States. Leena first moved to Texas to be closer to family, and this year she made the courageous solo move to the East Bay of San Francisco.

With her experience as a digital content writer, editor, content strategist, and social media marketing influencer, Leena joined our REEM Media family to serve our clients with her Creative Writing and Social Media Influencing skills. She is currently writing for more than a handful of magazines in Texas as she helps businesses gain traction on social media. Leena is responsible for launching REEM Media's Facebook (now META) Company page and YouTube accounts, leveraging more than 100+ followers and subscribers within the first week that she worked on the platforms.

We were so impressed that we had to ask if she could share her 3-go-to-tips, and she happily obliged:

1. Add value to people's lives

No matter how much we grow in terms of content creation, there's always a need for better content. Everybody looks for something good on the internet that makes their day, such as connecting to people/brands that add value to their lives in any possible way. So when it comes to adding value on social media, consider directly adding value to the audience with (1) entertainment, (2) information, and (3) motivation.

2. Video is the king

Videos have a higher reach than other content formats. They are visually appealing and easier to consume. Why are videos so popular? Because the audience can live the moment in the visual content. If an audience loves a piece of content, they share. Videos are the most shared content on the internet.

With our modest Instagram following, we generated more than 2.5K views on our first REEL take a look

3. Be proud of your brand and let people know about it

Unless you are confident and proud about what you create, others will not feel the same for your content. Let people know how much you are attached to what you do. Share within your personal and professional networks. Offline branding is equally important. Talk to people about what you do. Give people reasons to talk to others about you and your work. Word of mouth marketing helps a lot in online growth.

So are you ready to hit the ground running in 2022? Do you have batch content consisting of visuals and copy, an editorial calendar/social media calendar? If so, CONGRATULATIONS for you are well-positioned for a successful first quarter. If you're not quite there yet, take a deep breath because we got you! You have your REEM Media Dream Team to count on!

Email us today to get you started with Leena Duwadi and our incredible team of filmmakers, motion graphic artists, copywriters, video editors, music and sound engineers, and digital marketers!

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