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3 TIPS to Keep it Real with Your Brand

Did you know that a Brand Strategist's job is not complete until they make you cry? Or at least, get you very close to the verge of tears, feeling like you are on the precipice of a breakthrough that genuinely speaks to your soul's purpose.

"I feel like I just had a therapy session."

Woman in a therapy session.

"Wow! I cannot recall the last time I dug in that deep."

"I haven't thought of my dreams in a long time; they've been on the back-burner without any heat."

"You didn't warn me to bring a box of tissues."

"The process was pretty intense, and the results have been amazing!"

These memorable responses from our esteemed clients inform our Brand Strategists that they are on the right track to creating a Brand Identity System with a Style Guide that genuinely resonates with their soul's purpose, the WHY behind their brand.

Our Senior Copy Editor, Estrella Bonilla, who is best known as the Publisher of Rabbel Magazine, has lead brand development projects for REEM Media, where she offers the following insights:

1. Color Palette

"Choose a color palette that identifies with the emotions you want your work or services to evoke in your audiences. "This is where color theory and environment psychology concepts make an entrance in your collaboration with your Brand Strategist. Without your Brand Strategist knowing the real you, the meaning behind the meaning, the color palette may miss the mark in attracting the audience your brand desires.


2. Language

"Tell your story by using clear language. Use visuals that correspond well to that story. Your customer should be able to feel your story in your visuals as well as in words." As a print magazine publisher, Estrella understands the marriage between words and visuals. Here she is pointing to your brand's VOICE, mission statement, short and long bio, vocabulary, etc., where your strategists work with you to capture your essence with words. Knowing how to write copy is imperative, and the secret sauce to every Copy Writer and Editor is empathetic listening skills.

3. Don't Forget About Your Brand During a Photoshoot

"Make sure your photography style matches your brand's mission and guidelines." If you are serious about creating your brand, make sure you have the foundations of your Brand Identity System before executing a photoshoot; and make sure your photographer asks about your brand style guide and your mood board. You can always rely on REEM Media to provide the Creative Team you need all under one roof; one that you can trust with your dreams, providing a safe and encouraging environment where the real you will feel free to share the deep roots behind your WHY.

Many branding tools are circulating online promising the same delivery of a Creative Team. Still, nothing takes the place of real human connections with experts that have decades of experience and success developing Brands.

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