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3 TIPS for a Photoshoot Worth Your Money

You've hired the best photographer for the job, and like every critical project, a checklist is a must for a photoshoot that will be worth your money; so make sure to incorporate these 3-tips in your photoshoot checklist:

REEM Media Photographer, highly experienced in portraiture, Robert Schultze (Rob) generously offers his insights (from the perspective of the client):

1. Plan.

According to Rob, "The photographer is in charge of the lighting and the capture, so you get to control: 1) your outfit, 2) your hair and, 3) any props. The photographer may have a certain setup in mind that has to do with color or texture, backdrop or location, but your thoughts are very helpful in this process." Our Brand Strategists recommend developing a Mood Board, a.k.a Vision Board consisting of your brand color palette, poses, feel, and ideal shoot style. The Mood Board is the best way to plan for the perfect look. We also recommend Pinterest for your Mood Board or magazine cut-outs pasted on a board.

2. Previsualize.

Did you know that the best athletes visualize achieving their goals? Whether on the court with a 3-point shot or crossing the finish line. Similarly, for a perfectly executed photoshoot, Rob shares that "previsualization can help you decide if you need things in the foreground or background." Visualize the entire shoot from start to finish, from the beginning of your day, showering, beautifying, and ensuring that all your wardrobe selections are ready to go. Visualize your confidence in front of the camera, working the camera with pizzazz as it's your time to shine. Combine your visualization with practice; if you have specific poses in mind, practice them in front of a mirror or with your smartphone. Also, practice smiling with your eyes in front of a camera, smartphone, and mirror.

Self Portrait of Photographer
Robert Schultze Self Portrait

3. Collaborate.

Keep in mind and on your checklist that your photoshoot is a collaborative effort with your needs and ideas front and center. Photographers are not mind readers, so when it comes to communication, more is better. Communicate your vision, your likes, and dislikes, everything your heart desires. The best photographers combine their innate intuitive talents to capture your true essence, so getting to know you is imperative. Rob adds, "Collaboration is key, with everyone involved. If you have an amazing location with an amazing wardrobe, props, and models, it's all useless if you don't have everyone on the same page. This will be established in your initial meeting with the photographer or other creatives involved. Make sure to keep everyone updated and on the same page."

Rob's advice is about portraiture, but it can be utilized with most any "genre" of almost every creative field. Along the line of genres, don't forget to set a Music Photoshoot Playlist to set the right mood for your perfect shoot. And very importantly, make sure to communicate to your photographer your COVID Guidelines, ensure that they will be adhering to PPE guidelines, e.g., N95 respirator, protective eyewear, and hand sanitizer. The guidelines will vary depending on whether the shoot will be indoors or outdoors. Your health and safety and the health and safety of photographers is a priority.

Outdoor Photography
By Robert Schultze

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