The inspiration to develop an ethical multimedia agency focused on social values grew from the founder, Cristina Trujillo's extensive experience in the Community and Economic Development Sector. As a leader in the field, she launched and implemented inclusive economic development state-wide programs for vulnerable populations. In her 13 years of service, Cristina took note of the need for compelling storytelling that captures the universe of programs, resources, and boots on the ground that aid America's most vulnerable populations.

Cristina noticed that although Social Impact practitioners may be privy to the plethora of resources and programs for vulnerable populations, the public is mostly unaware due to the gap in access to information and resources. Cristina consulted with Tim Corbin, a visual and sound artist, about these critical needs, and in 2018 the mother and son duo went into beta-testing soft launching their family business.

With a visceral understanding of social needs, Cristina and Tim launched REEM Media to offer media production services to Cristina's extensive social impact network. In beta-testing, they found the secret ingredient for creating impactful visual storytelling is to match the social values between client and artist. 

Today, REEM's carefully vetted talent pool of artists connects with clients' imagination and vision to meet our client's needs for compelling visual storytelling and brand awareness, to motivate inspired action.

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